Our Vision

HHCS vision rest solely on improving the communities we live in one person at a time. Our services and supports are designed to help people of all Mental Health and or Autistic levels to attain well-being, strength, and relaxation. We believe that the people we serve and their families should enjoy better health, higher energy levels of freedom, mental, social, and emotional stability and support. HHCS believes in providing a helping hand in excellence, and the individuals and families we serve come first. Own Motto is a Helping Hand, Loving Heart, and Champion Spirit. As we press forward toward the mark, we continue to focus on the path to success that lays ahead. In allowing the individuals and families we serve to experience a bright future, communities a greater appreciation, and our teammates to realize their true potential.  

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide and maintain exceptional services and support that leads to a safe, healthy, and independent quality of life for those we serve, their communities, and their loved ones.  

Our Values

  • Helping Hand, in providing services, support, assistance and ideas in which are designed on a case by case based. HHCS brings a unique approach to giving. We give our, time, expertise, attention, compassion, empathy and understanding to individuals, their families, and communities we serve. 

  • Loving Heart, is important to HHCS because a loving heart is a caring heart. HHCS truly cares about those we serve and want to see those we serve succeed in all areas pertaining to those individuals and their loved ones needs. Our team strives to openly listen to the concerns of those we serve when meeting their needs, goals and desires. And we welcome change.

  • Champion Spiritin striving to reach the goals set for the individuals we serve. Thriving in any circumstances and challenges that are met, HHCS and those we work with, will do our very best to resolve them. When individuals and loved ones voice a concern and or ideas and opinions HHCS will work hard to follow through on the best possible outcome. HHCS believes that the universe is unlimited and there are unlimited resources, possibilities, and outcomes that can be manifested into our physical reality with ease, grace, and gratitude.

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