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We go the extra mile to help you live a comfortable life.

At Helping Hands Community Services, we are grateful to provide our support to children, adults, and the elderly who are living with developmental disabilities. We make it our mission to provide assistance and supportive services that will help these individuals find their rightful place in the communities they live in. We go beyond our ways to ensure that they live to the best of their potentials and maximum independence by guiding them towards the better path that lies ahead.

Helping Hands Community Services is a Supports Coordination Organization that was founded in 2013 to provide support to children, adults, and the elderly who are living with developmental disabilities. Through approved Governmental Services, we help individuals with special needs create their roles and find their place in the communities where they live.

Our Mission

To provide and maintain exceptional services and support that leads to a safe, healthy, and independent quality of life for those we serve, their communities, and their loved ones.

Our Vision

To bring value to the individuals we serve one person at a time. We individualize each person we work with and aim to provide choice, freedom, mental, social, physical, and emotional stability and support.

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Our Values

  • A Helping Hand in providing services, support, assistance, and ideas which are designed on a case by case basis. HHCS brings a unique approach to giving. We give our, time, expertise, attention, compassion, empathy, and understanding to individuals, their families, and the communities we serve.

  • A Loving Heart is important to HHCS because a loving heart is a caring heart. HHCS truly cares about those we serve and want to see those we serve to succeed in all areas pertaining to those individuals and their loved one’s needs. Our team strives to openly listen to the concerns of those we serve when meeting their needs, goals, and desires as we help them welcome change.

  • A Champion Spirit in striving to reach the goals set for the individuals we serve. Thriving in any circumstances and challenges that are met, HHCS and those we work with, will do our very best to resolve them. When individuals and loved ones voice concerns, ideas, and opinions, HHCS will work hard to follow through on the best possible outcome. HHCS believes that the universe is unlimited and there are limitless resources, possibilities, and outcomes that can be manifested into our physical reality with ease, grace, and gratitude.

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